My House Wish List

On Saturday I was given some unexpected good news which will impact my life and this blog. It all started with a meeting with a mortgage advisor – I admit, not the usual start of a good news story!

Moving house has been on our minds for a few months now as we realise we want different things from a house than we’re currently getting. Expecting a little one also means we need space for all the toys, clothes and nappies that come along with it!

After arriving far too early and almost catching frostbite in the freezing winds, we finally sat down with our advisor. As we’re currently on a fixed deal with our bank, we chose to go back to them to see what they could offer on top of our mortgage. We expected to be told we’d need to save for a few more months before we could consider having the budget we wanted but luckily we were given the good news that we could afford it today!

As you can imagine, we hit the virtual ‘shops’ and started looking that afternoon – before we’d even considered putting our house on the market.

Three hours of searching passed by and I began to realise that we had more of a wish list than I imagined. We’re not picky and would be willing to compromise on a lot of these but if we found a house in our price range with all of our desires then we’d bite the seller’s hand off!

First on my list has to be real wood floors or original floorboards. I’m going to be that person who peeks underneath the carpets when they’re viewing a house. Just like pallet walls, wooden floors can be spruced up to suit any style. I’m particularly fond of the white washed floors for that Scandinavian style.

original floorboards My House Wish List


original flooring 1 My House Wish List


wood flooring My House Wish List


Next up definitely has to be exposed brick walls, although it’s unlikely we’ll find a house in our desired area with this. It just isn’t really the norm for houses around us. Exposed brick works really well as a feature wall and can be used in any design from rustic through to modern.

You also get the added bonus of a heap load of texture being brought into the room. Even when the brick is white washed like below, there is still loads of interest from the varying cracks and colours in the brick.

exposed brick 1 My House Wish List


exposed white brick My House Wish List


One thing I am not willing to compromise on is the size of the garden. Many gardens in the UK are relatively small, particularly in more modern houses (like ours!). Ever since we bought our first house I developed an urge to garden, something I never thought possible when I still lived with my parents!

My overseas readers will probably still think that these gardens look small, but they’d be big enough for me to develop my gardening prowess and also grow some fruit & veg. Our current house has restrictions due to the garden size which means we’re legally not allowed to plant trees! No one wants to be told what they can and can’t do with their own house.

large garden 2 My House Wish List


large garden My House Wish List


large garden 3 My House Wish List


What would be the first on your house wish list? Are any of you currently looking at moving house in the near future? We’re having a nightmare with trying to sell our house – but that’s a story for another day!

Decorating With Gold

Do you ever spot something that gives you so much inspiration you need to actually write down your ideas before you forget? That’s how I felt when I started coming across these golden DIY projects. Using metallic colours has been in fashion for a while now and I even picked out some of my favourite bronze, silver and gold decor items.

We’re still debating which of our spare rooms we’ll turn into the nursery, however I’m already heading out to buy some gold spray paint to begin glitzing up the other room. I’ve got visions of white walls, sheepskin textures and decorating with gold accents. Gold can turn a minimal room into a cosy space by bouncing around warm light.

It’d be easy to overdo it with the gold paint though and end up with more bling than Kanye West. I know it’s tough, but you need to keep your swagger in check! In my eyes, gold should be kept as an accent colour – only used to accessorise or add sparkle to a room.

That’s why it was so easy to pick out these impressive DIY tricks which add a touch of luxury to their surroundings.

I could go on all day about white ceramic and gold but to cut it short I’ll simply say: I like it a lot. When I found the mugs that Heather from Garland of Grace created, I was in awe. The beauty is in the simplicity. And the cost. You could easily imagine this mug donning the shelves of luxury design boutiques when in fact you could recreate this with a white mug, masking tape and some gold paint. Heather also played around with the masking tape to create different designs.

gold coffee cup Decorating With Gold


What I love most about this golden bowl is that the inspiration came from a white & gold bowl that cost a staggering $130. I even prefer the DIY version as the matte gold is subtle whilst the brushed effect adds pattern and interest.

gold white bowl Decorating With Gold


A gold and white ceramic pineapple. Surely I don’t even need to say anything else?! A quick spray of the bottom half of this pineapple has given a luxury upgrade to a simple object. There’s even a molten lava look about the bottom half as the light hits the ripples of the ceramic.

gold ceramic pineapple Decorating With Gold


Over at The House of Smiths they’ve used gold polka dot decal stickers to create an accent wall. A really simple and cheap way to enhance a wall and you can buy your own decal set (in loads of colours) on their website!

gold polka dot wall 1 Decorating With Gold


Custom artwork that looks fantastic for under $20 (£15) is something that’s got to be worth looking into! Luckily for me, this doesn’t really require any artistic ability to produce fabulous results. You could easily switch the base colour from navy blue to whatever suits your room, or even have a few variations in a row.

gold brushed artwork Decorating With Gold


Colour dipped furniture has been around for a while now and it seems totally crazy to pay over the odds for someone to do the dipping for you! This is such a simple project that can literally take minutes and it’s so easy to change the colour whenever you want.

gold dipped chair Decorating With Gold


How about creating a stunning sunburst mirror with a cheap circular mirror and scrap wood. The patterns in the wood produce unique textures and I really like the muted gold tones, almost bronze in some lights.

gold sunburst mirror Decorating With Gold


Nursery Wall Art

Nursery wall art probably isn’t high on the list when planning for a baby, but it should be. Ok, I hear your screams of “Are you crazy?! We already have enough to be thinking of!” but bear with me. Accessorising your baby’s room with prints, art and murals has benefits beyond making a nursery look great.

Most kids love animals and using animal prints (not of the leopard skin variety!) can get your baby used to seeing and learning about all of nature’s creatures from an early age.

The handmade grey sheep print is my absolute fave, all the unique little blobs building up the sheep’s wool and the tiny feet are really cute. The colours are also neutral enough to be unisex, great for those parents keeping it a surprise like us!

nursery wall art whale Nursery Wall Art


nursery wall art sheep 1 Nursery Wall Art


nursery wall art hippo Nursery Wall Art


nursery wall art sheep Nursery Wall Art


This Love print from Minted is simplistic, which is probably why I like it so much. Text prints like this will go well with any colours and most design styles, meaning you won’t have to lose the print every time you re-decorate as your little ones grow older.

nursery wall art love Nursery Wall Art


It’s never too early to be teaching your kids about healthy eating and you’ll likely need all the help you can get when junk food can taste so good! Luckily, this print from bodie and fou can help you along the way as this pear is super cute. You can always pair these up (lame pun intended, I’m sorry) with the equally-awesome tomato or apple prints.

nursery wall art pear Nursery Wall Art


A quick glance on my nursery board will give away my obsession with clouds. I’m definitely looking to use clouds in some form in our baby’s room. If you’re not quite as obsessed with clouds as me, you can dip your toe with this simple and colourful cloud print.

nursery wall art cloud Nursery Wall Art


I hope that’s got your brains whirring into gear and has pushed nursery art further up your to do list. If you’re still unsure, take a look at these inspiring kids rooms with beautiful wall decor. There’s a mix of stunning real life images, drawings and cartoon illustrations that all have animals as the theme.

nursery wall art animals Nursery Wall Art


nursery wall art deer Nursery Wall Art


nursery wall art elephant Nursery Wall Art


nursery wall art giraffe Nursery Wall Art


What are your thoughts on using wall art in a nursery, does it tick all your boxes or is art better left for other rooms?

7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian interiors are the reason I ever became interested in home design and styling. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland are the countries that make up the Nordic region of the world and are the origins of the ultimate in stylish and minimal design. All five countries are also high on my list of places to visit (I’m determined to get over to at least one of them soon), so if any reader is willing to help out – let me know!!

The ideology behind Scandinavian design is close to my heart, everyday objects should look great and be functional, but they should also be affordable to all. Ikea and H&M (both Swedish) are two of my favourite stores, likely due to their great designs at modest prices.

There is also a close bond between Nordic interiors and the outdoors as natural textures, woods and bright rooms are common trends with this style of design. If you’re a regular around here, you’ll be familiar with my fondness of using wood in the home from my DIY coffee table and my gushing over pallet walls.

The great thing about decorating the Scandinavian way is that because you can accessorise with whites, blacks and natural woods you can usually save bundles of cash! Many stores will have their own ‘basic’ range which normally consist of plain white ceramics, plates and the like. Who knew making your rooms look amazing and being on trend could be so affordable?

scandinavian interior 1 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors


You’ll have to search pretty hard to find any wall-to-wall carpet in scandinavian homes as light wooden floors (my fave are whitewashed floorboards) and tiling are the top picks for this style.

Don’t worry though, you can throw down soft rugs and sheepskins to add layers of texture, whilst also softening the area and adding warmth.

scandinavian interior 2 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors


Accessorising with black can bring so much contrast against the minimal surrounds. These black deck chairs tie in perfectly with the black door and shelves. Seeing that rustic chest in the middle of the room also makes me tempted to style my living room out like this photo!

scandinavian interior 3 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors


scandinavian interior 5 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors


Here’s a great example of how Scandinavian design brings elements of nature into the home. Multiple wood textures and wooden furniture are married up with the patterned tree wall art and a beautifully simplistic house plant.

I also love the wire chair, a functional object that looks great and also won’t block out any light as it can simply pass through – the perfect item for a Nordic interior!

scandinavian interior 4 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors


scandinavian interior 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors


scandinavian interior 6 7 Stylish Scandinavian Interiors