My House Wish List

On Saturday I was given some unexpected good news which will impact my life and this blog. It all started with a meeting with a mortgage advisor – I admit, not the usual start of a good news story!

Moving house has been on our minds for a few months now as we realise we want different things from a house than we’re currently getting. Expecting a little one also means we need space for all the toys, clothes and nappies that come along with it!

After arriving far too early and almost catching frostbite in the freezing winds, we finally sat down with our advisor. As we’re currently on a fixed deal with our bank, we chose to go back to them to see what they could offer on top of our mortgage. We expected to be told we’d need to save for a few more months before we could consider having the budget we wanted but luckily we were given the good news that we could afford it today!

As you can imagine, we hit the virtual ‘shops’ and started looking that afternoon – before we’d even considered putting our house on the market.

Three hours of searching passed by and I began to realise that we had more of a wish list than I imagined. We’re not picky and would be willing to compromise on a lot of these but if we found a house in our price range with all of our desires then we’d bite the seller’s hand off!

First on my list has to be real wood floors or original floorboards. I’m going to be that person who peeks underneath the carpets when they’re viewing a house. Just like pallet walls, wooden floors can be spruced up to suit any style. I’m particularly fond of the white washed floors for that Scandinavian style.

original floorboards My House Wish List


original flooring 1 My House Wish List


wood flooring My House Wish List


Next up definitely has to be exposed brick walls, although it’s unlikely we’ll find a house in our desired area with this. It just isn’t really the norm for houses around us. Exposed brick works really well as a feature wall and can be used in any design from rustic through to modern.

You also get the added bonus of a heap load of texture being brought into the room. Even when the brick is white washed like below, there is still loads of interest from the varying cracks and colours in the brick.

exposed brick 1 My House Wish List


exposed white brick My House Wish List


One thing I am not willing to compromise on is the size of the garden. Many gardens in the UK are relatively small, particularly in more modern houses (like ours!). Ever since we bought our first house I developed an urge to garden, something I never thought possible when I still lived with my parents!

My overseas readers will probably still think that these gardens look small, but they’d be big enough for me to develop my gardening prowess and also grow some fruit & veg. Our current house has restrictions due to the garden size which means we’re legally not allowed to plant trees! No one wants to be told what they can and can’t do with their own house.

large garden 2 My House Wish List


large garden My House Wish List


large garden 3 My House Wish List


What would be the first on your house wish list? Are any of you currently looking at moving house in the near future? We’re having a nightmare with trying to sell our house – but that’s a story for another day!

 My House Wish Listpinit fg en rect gray 20 My House Wish List


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    Hey Jacob! Wishing you lots of luck in finding your next house! Selling and buying is a stressful experience (it’s still quite raw with us) but it will be worth it in the end! – Jenna

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